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The British Secret Service specialist James Bond is sent by his unrivaled, M, to New York City to research “Mr Big”, genuine name Buonaparte Ignace Gallia. Bond’s objective is a specialist of the Soviet counterintelligence association SMERSH, and a black market voodoo pioneer who is associated with selling seventeenth century gold coins so as to fund Soviet covert operative activities in America. These gold coins have been turning up in the Harlem segment of New York City and in Florida and are associated with being a piece of a fortune that was covered in Jamaica by the privateer Henry Morgan.

In New York Bond gets together with his partner in the CIA, Felix Leiter. The two visit some of Mr Big’s clubs in Harlem, however are caught. Bond is cross examined by Mr Big, who utilizes his fortune-telling worker, Solitaire (so named in light of the fact that she prohibits men from her life), to decide whether Bond is coming clean. Solitaire misleads Mr Big, supporting Bond’s main story. Mr Big chooses to discharge Bond and Leiter, and has one of Bond’s fingers broken. On leaving, Bond slaughters a few of Mr Big’s men; Leiter is discharged with negligible physical damage by a pack part, thoughtful in light of a common energy about jazz.

Solitaire later leaves Mr Big and contacts Bond; the couple go via train to St. Petersburg, Florida, where they meet Leiter. While Bond and Leiter are exploring one of Mr Big’s distribution centers utilized for putting away fascinating fish, Solitaire is seized by Mr Big’s cronies. Leiter later comes back to the distribution center without anyone else, however is either caught and encouraged to a shark or deceived into remaining on a snare entryway over the shark tank through which he falls; he endures, yet loses far too much. Bond discovers him in their sheltered house with a note stuck to his chest “He couldn’t help contradicting something that ate him”.[1] Bond at that point researches the stockroom himself and finds that Mr Big is carrying gold coins by concealing them in the base of fish tanks holding noxious tropical fish, which he is bringing into the US. He is assaulted in the stockroom by “the Robber”, Mr Big’s shooter, and in the resultant gunfight Bond outmaneuvers the Robber and makes him fall into the shark tank.

Bond proceeds with his main goal in Jamaica, where he meets a nearby angler, Quarrel, and John Strangways, the leader of the neighborhood MI6 station. Squabble gives Bond preparing in scuba making a plunge the nearby waters. Bond swims through shark-and barracuda-swarmed waters to Mr Big’s island and figures out how to plant a limpet mine on the frame of his yacht before being caught indeed by Mr Big. Bond is brought together with Solitaire; the next morning Mr Big binds the couple to a line behind his yacht and plans to drag them over the shallow coral reef and into more profound water so the sharks and barracuda that he pulls in to the zone with normal feedings will eat them.

Security and Solitaire are spared when the limpet mine detonates seconds before they are hauled over the reef: however incidentally staggered by the blast and harmed on the coral, they are shielded from the blast by the reef and Bond looks as Mr Big, who endure the blast, is killed by the sharks and barracuda. Squabble at that point safeguards the couple.

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